9 Patterned Porcelain Tiles to Create that “Cement-Look”


Encaustic Cement Tiles in Bathrooms

Moroccan cement tiles for bathroom floors are all the rage right now. These tiles come in countless patterns and vibrant color combinations, making them a popular option for home renovators looking to create an eclectic or global-inspired look in their bathrooms. The biggest downside - and why I tend to steer clear of this material for bathrooms - is the maintenance involved with keeping these very porous tiles sealed and protected from water leaks. 

Porcelain Tiles as an easy-care alternative

One alternative is porcelain tile, which is becoming more readily available in similar patterns and colors as cement tile. Porcelain tile it very durable, easier to install than cement, and doesn't require sealing after installation. 

I recently sourced several designs for a bathroom renovation project in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I was able to find so many great options, that resembled the look and feel of Moroccan cement tiles, that I had to share!

Patterned Porcelain Tile Designs


LINKS:  7. Coastal Black  |  8. Encaustic Beige  |  9. Artline Star

Hope these designs inspire your next bathroom renovation project!

- Paula

Paula Guzman